Cloud Services

Cloud Services

It is difficult to find a business who doesn't have any presence in a cloud. Why are so many businesses moving to Cloud? It is because there are numerous benefits with Cloud Services such as on-demand availability, scale rapidly, flexibility, Multi-tenant pooling, easy maintenance, better security and cost savings.

Moving to a Cloud is enabling the business to deploy their real-time services faster globally and effectively to meet the business goals. As Cloud computing will continue to soar high, more than ever, businesses can harness the power of data to connect with customers and data sharing between various services.

Data technologies that includes database and caching is a critical part of any business applications. Customers invest significant amount on database infrastructure, licensing, and as well the support. Migrating to Cloud not only reduces infrastructure cost, it also eliminates the cost of L1 and L2 support levels. It's creating an opportunity for a very different level of support for the cloud enabled database infrastructure.


What BDS can help you?

BDS is staffed with experts on the cloud based databases. We help the customers in the strategy, design, normalization & schema build, security, advance performance tuning and capacity planning & Forecast.

We do provide services and tools for various data technologies in lift and shift migration to Cloud. Similarly, you can leverage our services for any data migration between different cloud platforms.