PostgreSQL is an object-relational database system (ORDBMS), and fastest growing relational database in a market. It has been in a market for more than 30 years with wide variety of community and active development of a product. PostgreSQL is fully ACID compliant and confirms to SQL:2011. It is available on most of the operating systems

PostgreSQL is highly flexible and extensible. This allows you to define your own data types and custom functions. Instead of patching the PostgreSQL core, you can write extensions with required data types, operators and functions.

PostgreSQL is having both SQL and NoSQL features meeting the demand of diverse applications. It is well known for location-based services and geographic information systems.

PostgreSQL has a synchronous replication between master and slave databases to provide a zero data loss condition in the case of single database failure.


What BDS can help you?

Provides the entire lifecycle of PostgreSQL database management, starting with a schema design, database architecture, Implementation and as well 24X7 Global support.

BDS helps the businesses to build a high availability and scalable PostgreSQL replicated databases.

BDS supports most of the popular relational databases on both on-premise and all Cloud platforms. For the on-premise installations, BDS provides an innovative architectural solutions and customized database services with strict OLAs.

For the Cloud based PostgreSQL installations, most of the routine management tasks such as installation, patching, backups are taken care by the cloud providers. BDS helps you at the high-level tasks such as database strategy, design, architecture, normalization of schema and advance performance tuning.

We work with enterprises to create the database security baselines to meet various compliances enforced in their businesses, we also automate the process to audit the database infrastructure regularly to compliance with baselines.

You can leverage our expertise in the sophisticated database capacity planning and forecast modelling based on machine learning.

Our dedicated RDBMS database support team support the PostgreSQL databases along with other relational database infrastructure. Customers will have a single point of contact for all the relational databases.