Oracle Database

Oracle Database

Oracle Database is the most popular Relational database in the world. Over the nearly 40 years, Oracle RDBMS continue to emerge with various functionalities to meet the demand of data requirements of technology evolution, starting from centralized server, to client server, to Internet, to the Cloud.

All the four properties of ACID are strictly maintained by Oracle database, it became the most reliable and secured data storage system for all the practical used cases of businesses. In addition, there are numerous popular functionalities introduced in various releases for the scalability and availability such as flashback, Real Application cluster, data guard and Oracle Golden Gate.

In today's world, huge unstructured data is being generated from social media. Now the businesses face the challenges in understanding of unstructured data and incorporate with existing traditional business systems. There are significant NoSQL database systems are available in a market for a different used case of unstructured data, which is causing the fragmented landscape of database infrastructure.

Recent Oracle releases supports multi-model database management, it includes an in-memory columnar store, sharded database model, JSON, documentation store, spatial, as well as graph database.


What BDS can help you?

Provides the entire lifecycle of Oracle database management, starting with a schema design, database architecture, Implementation and as well 24X7 Global support.

Decades of our experience with Oracle databases helps the businesses to build a high availability and scalable database architecture across the multi-regions with DR capabilities. Our team possess a strong performance skill set to carry out the deep dive analysis of critical issues and provide long-term solutions.

BDS supports the Oracle databases on both on-premise and all Cloud platforms. For the on-premise installations, BDS provides an innovative architectural solutions and customized database services with strict OLAs.

For the Cloud based Oracle installations, mainly if you are using the autonomous database on Oracle Cloud, most of the routine management tasks such as installation, patching, backups, self-tuning are taken care by the autonomous Oracle database. BDS helps you at the high-level tasks such as database strategy, design, architecture, normalization of schema and advance performance tuning.

We work with enterprises to create the database security baselines to meet various compliances enforced in their businesses, we also automate the process to audit the database infrastructure regularly to compliance with baselines.

You can leverage our expertise in sophisticated capacity planning and modelling based on machine learning.