MongoDB started its journey a decade back with primary focus on distributed, non-relational DB offering and was built on the document data model. In its efforts to attract wider enterprise users and developers, later versions enhanced scalability, query functionality followed with cloud services. Latest MongoDB offers multi-document ACID transactions thus competing with traditional RDBMS and fast increasing its market share in database technologies.

MongoDB offers replication for availability and sharding for scalability. Ops Manager enables DBAs provision, scale and manage complex and highly available clusters with just a few clicks.


What BDS can help you?

Deploy and manage highly available and scalable MongoDB databases for you. Provide 24X7 support to your critical environments. We bring expertise in managing infrastructure including but not limited to DB cluster setup, upgrades, proactive monitoring, point in time recovery and advanced performance tuning.

Our team of DB experts builds clusters with DR capabilities. Mock DR drills are a routine for us here and we leave no room for surprises in recovering any time.

Security is top priority at Banyan. We protect client data at all layers. We device, comply and adhere to highest level of security standards and guidelines.