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Innovative DevOps Practice with a fusion of CI/CD tools with Data Services

It’s hard to find a software company that doesn’t use the Agile methodology focuses on adaptive or simultaneous workflows. The traditional IT operational teams and their tools and processes are not just feasible to handle the deployment requests of faster development methods. It is the time of need to have the DevOps practice in your company with CI and CD tools to automate the development life cycle with a continuous deployment process. As per the Gartner research, CIOs who haven’t transformed their teams’ capabilities by 2020 will be displaced.

Banyan Data Services enable the companies in adopting the DevOps culture with the opensource tools. More than two decades of our experience with hyper growth IT infrastructure bring forth innovative tools and services that aim at a fusion of the life cycle of software with the Data technologies, which are then responsible for a radical change in the DevOps implementations.

Our Key Differential Services in DevOps Practice

Extreme Automation

Banyan Data Services provide the in-house tools to view the centralized configuration management of IT stack and the continuous live logs from the infrastructure provisioning to the deployment in a suite of open source tools at one pipeline. We extend the CI/CD pipelines with the Infrastructure as Code software tools for both on-premise and Cloud platforms.

Fusion with Data Services

BDS DevOps promotes a different culture: whereas the data engineers who are expertise in various types of data technologies along with developers and operations work together as one team. In this model, we extend the CD automation with the enterprise data storage technologies responsible for Relational, NoSQL and stream data with continuous delivery and performance monitoring.

Continuous deployment

Banyan Data Services has a combination of principles, practices, and patterns designed to make uninterrupted continuous delivery & deployments with faster feedback cycles. This will enable our clients faster time to market.

Change & Incident management

Well thought processes and automation with SRE tools for the better visibility and management of change controls and production incidents. This cuts down drastically the time takes to identify and resolving the incidents, which is crucial for the higher SLA timings for the business availability.

Hybrid Cloud Deployments

It is the era of hybrid Clouds! In terms of DevOps, the variety of hybrid cloud tools can hinder the development pipeline. A team of cloud certified professionals at BDS work with clients to integrate all cloud specific CI & CD tools to unify the DevOps processes and better governance of multi-tools to support multi-clouds.

How does DevOps benefit you?

Instant Deployments

Reduce Human Error

High Code Quality

Save Costs

Reduce Resources

Precictabilty & Scalability

DevOps is not a goal, but a never ending process of continous improvement

– Jez Humble, Co-author, The DevOps Handbook

Our DevOps Services

Most of our DevOps services are into automation, cost reduction, business orientation. We have the right amount of experience into

Continuous Delivery % Integrations


Configuration Management

Change Management

Development and delivery optimization


Infrastructure optimization

Extended Collaboration

Open Source Software

Extreme Automation

Data Service Integration

Hybrid Cloud Deployment

Operations Management

Collaboration Tools

Scale your IT-infrastructure with sustainable and efficient DevOps consulting.

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Connect, organize and get things done to keep your IT business safe.