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Data Managed Services by Banyan Data Services

Data technology stack is the backbone of any business systems. In the digital economy, every bit and every form of data are useful. It’s all how well the data is leveraged by the companies to drive their brand and overall their success story.

The founding principle of Banyan Data Services is passion on DATA. We research, innovate and build subject matter expertise on all data technologies. We love to help the companies to enrich their capabilities to leverage a data usage in growing their business, this will give an edge over their competitors.

We provide the data managed services that range from consulting, implementation and support, which are tailored to customer needs.

Why Data Managed Services?

Streamline Routine Tasks

Your business may be conducting a lot of routine tasks like automating your data, quality assurance process, rules to remove, or merge duplicates. With Managed Data Services, we can streamline this whole process.

Synchronize Data Sources

A lot of disconnected systems with data locked within them don’t give a holistic picture of your data. We can help you connect these sources and synchronize all the data sources.

An Integrated Source

Business relies on various data sets or versions, but you cannot boast reliable analysis and strategic decision-making from this. We can integrate all your data into an integrated source making it a centralized solution and a single source of information.

Increase efficiency

If your system has duplicate data, it may occupy extra storage and require more resources for processing. There could be problems deep in your architecture level if the responses to get reports by users are delayed. We can identify these issues faster thereby increasing the efficiency of your system.

Chaos correlated with a business incident

During a business incident like a merger or an acquisition, it’s ideal to have a clear data-related action plan. We can analyze the existing data approaches of the involved companies and come up with data management, migration, security, compliance, retention strategies.

Why Banyan Data Services for your data management?

Complex Project Experiences

We have handled one of the world’s largest and mission-critical hyper growth data infrastructures

Integrated Consulting

We bring together Cloud, Data and DevOps skills with more than two decades of industry knowledge, and large scale application delivery experience

Certified Cloud Engineers

We have a team of certified cloud engineers with years of experience in complex projects

Two decades of infrastructure experience

Our team has got more than two decades of experience managing the largest data infrastructures.

Our Managed Data Services

Heterogeneous Databases

In today’s crowded database marketplace, how do you select a right data technology? That is where we can help you. Our Database managed services include all the technologies of Caching, Relational and NoSQL data. We have expertise on all popular open source and vendor supported database technologies on both on-premise and Cloud platforms. We review the application data model and access patterns to identify a right database technology and also work with you to implement and support the database infrastructure in production.

Design & Architecture

Our strategic initiatives include design and architecture of data fabric behind your IT infrastructure. We design the IT architecture for all data technologies by considering clients high availability SLAs, multi geographic region foot print and disaster recovery requirements.

Real-time Log Processing

In the always-on marketplace, we help the businesses to make decisions based on the social media driven demand. Our SMEs possess the deep expertise on Log search technologies and streaming platforms, which enables the real-time processing of logs to get instant reports for the intelligent decision systems across all the verticals

Data Migration Services

We take care of all the data migration activities across different database technologies, which can be from on-premises to cloud and across the multiple cloud platforms. Our cost-effective migration solutions built on BDS automation tools with proven industry best practices, will drive the seamless data migration with a minimum business impact.

Big data Analytics

Data is everywhere and everything in today’s digital world. This is pushing the expectations of deriving the value out of data. Uncover the deeper value of your data is a key to the success of business analysis and Intelligence. We provide the Big data technology solutions for real-time analytics that includes log aggregation, data storage, querying and visualization BI tools.

Security & Compliance

There are many comprehensive data protection regulations around the world to protect the valuable and sensitive data of personal and financial information. We have established the data security standards baseline for most of the database technologies. Our data security experts work with businesses to enforce the security baselines, and carryout frequent audits to compliance the data infrastructure to various regulations.

Databases on Hybrid Cloud

We are being the cloud partner of all popular public clouds AWS, Azure, GCP and OCI, supporting all the relational databases and NoSQL technologies supported by these cloud providers. Our cloud certified experts and Data Services Reliability Engineers at your service to take up the lift and shift migration projects of data technologies from on-premise to cloud and migration between different clouds.

7/24 Global Support

We provide most advance 7/24 world-class global support model. Typically, traditional IT companies largely depend on the multi-level escalation support model for incident response and support triage. However, these are redundant through our automation processes. Our support tools and processes are driven by the ML based automation tools, which improves efficiency and reduces human error and eventually reduce the cost to company.

Heterogeneous Databases

Hybrid Cloud Support

Data Migration Service

Big Data Analytics

Data Security & Compliance

7/24 Global Support Model

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In the data journey, it is vital to protect data assets against vulnerabilities, data loss, and downtimes. Higher visibility of infrastructure and applications, higher will be the performance and decreases resource utilization. Banyan Data Services can help manage your cloud for you. Get in touch with us.

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Data Managed Services by Banyan Data Services

With a team that possesses over two decades of experience in hyper-growth systems, we can help customers in all sizes to design, architect, build, implement, manage and monitor new applications on all private, public or premise data platforms.

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Connect, organize and get things done to keep your IT business safe.


Connect, organize and get things done to keep your IT business safe.