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In today’s operating world always-on, high volume, high speed, high expectation requires a different level of processing “Data”

Cache comes into a playground as a buffering technique that stores frequently queried data in a temporary memory. While this sounds simple, it can become very complex, as real-world systems are widely diverse and constantly changing. It is the minimally invasive strategy to improve application performance by implementing caching with addition benefits of scalability and availability.

Banyan Data SMEs of various In-Memory/Cache data technologies will understand your performance goals and careful evaluate data access patterns at all levels of the application data flow and choose a best caching strategy. We architect and deliver unprecedented speed and unlimited scale caching platforms.

Cache Technologies

There are numerous caching technologies out there. We help the clients to identify a right cache technology by carrying out the benchmarking of both read and write latency requirements of applications on various hardware and cloud platforms.

Design & Architecture

Caching plays a vital role in your service offerings as the cache sits at the front door of an infrastructure stack. Cache can be a single point of failure for the business if it is not architected and managed well. Our solution architects design the scalable caching platform with high availability footprint across multi geographic regions.

Cache on Multi-Cloud

Supports most of the cloud backed cache platforms like Amazon ElastiCache, Redis, Memcached and Times Ten databases on all public clouds.

7/24 Support services

BDS 7/24 support services to take care of all the maintenance and support functions to operate the cache data at consistent performance and always available in your application/data stack.
Supporting Technologies
Banyan Data Services

Managed Services

Database Migrations

Data Consulting

Data Security

Hybrid Cloud

Persistent Cache

There are various caching solutions available, we help you find the right choice for your needs depends on your use case.

Success Stories

Cache Data Consulting by
Banyan Data Services

With a team that possesses over two decades of experience in data management, we can help customers in all sizes to find the right solution for your Cache Data needs depending on your use case.

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Connect, organize and get things done to keep your IT business safe.


Connect, organize and get things done to keep your IT business safe.