Data Migrations

Why Data Migrations?

Transferring of data from one location to another, an application to another, one format to another is the process of Data Migration. Businesses holding on to legacy data infrastructures have realized that they are losing out by holding on to old, inefficient systems. These systems drag them down with reduced performance, scalability, high maintenance, compliance complications, Anomalies, and errors while having an increasing cost. Now, data migrations are often used by firms to move from on-premises infrastructure to cloud, cloud to cloud, on-premise to on-premise, and from applications to cloud-based storage and applications to optimize or transform their company. Data Migration isn’t easy as it seems, it’s difficult and risky to “disentangle” data and to overcome “data gravity.

Type of Data Migrations
Server Migrations

Migrating data into more modern server which significantly improves performance with cost-effective scaling while maintaining features such as cloning, snapshots, and backup and disaster recovery.

Cloud Migrations

Migrating data, application, or other elements from an on-premises data center to a cloud or from one cloud to another.

Database Migrations

Migrating a database from on-premise to the cloud, or migrating the data from one database technology into a new one.

Application Migrations

Migrating an application software from one environment to another, on-premises to a cloud, between clouds, or to a new form of the application hosted by a software provider.

Type of migration based on destinations
Our Data Migration Process

Premigration Analysis > Project Initiation > Infrastructure analysis > Solution design > Build & test > Execute & validate > Decommission & monitor.

Our Data Migration Services

Data Migration Assessment Services

Analysis to identify cloud opportunities

Optimized data strategy and road map

Budgeting the Migrations

Data Loss Prevention

Data Modelling

Relational Database

NoSQL Database

Cache Data

Data Streaming Solutions

Migration Strategy Development

Data Auditing

Data Backups

Data Validation

Analytics of data sets

Why Banyan Data Services for Data Migration Services?

Our data migration process is a combination of our skills, tools and technologies we use, more than two decades of years of data management experience, and experiences from managing one of the world’s largest mission-critical infrastructure. We have a team of experts who can migrate data seamlessly while ensuring that the business is non-disruptive. Security is always our top priority; as we strictly adhere to various compliances, data privacy standards, and legal requirements.

Few of our Differentiators

Database Migrations

Technology Migration

DevOps Focused

Extreme Automation

Lift & Shift migration to Cloud

7/24 Global Support Model

Migrate your Data Infrastructure with sustainable and efficient Data migration consulting from Banyan Data Services.

Success Stories

Database Migrations by Banyan Data Services

With a team that possesses over two decades of experience in hyper-growth systems, we can help customers in all sizes to design, architect, build and implement data on new and existing applications on all public cloud platforms.

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Connect, organize and get things done to keep your IT business safe.


Connect, organize and get things done to keep your IT business safe.