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Robust and Real-time Steaming of Data​

There’s a growing demand for the businesses, no matter how big they are and what vertical they are in, to accelerate the digital transformation initiatives. In the always-on marketplace, it is imperative to make instant business decisions based on social media enabled demand. This is only possible if you could leverage analyzing the real-time streaming data within your business echo system. By 2025, more than a quarter of data created will be real-time in nature.

Banyan Data Solution architects can help you to design and integrate your business applications in choosing the right real-time streaming framework. Our data services SMEs provide the right strategy and implementation plan by considering the data model, security, and performance in the data lifecycle.

Banyan Data Streaming Managed Services tailored to build custom streaming processing solutions for all the used cases –

Data Ingest & Integration

There are numerous factors you need to consider for data collection based on source, data type, and size. Our expertise helps to choose the right data collector to unify data and ingest to pub/sub-real-time messaging services like Kafka and enable a seamless integration of the streaming platforms with all relational and NoSQL data storage.

Scalability & Performance

Real-time streaming systems must react within set time periods to incoming data. The system should scale according to the partitioning that common streaming infrastructure typically employs. Our ability to leverage the elasticity of the cloud and container technologies to architect the streaming platform to scale up. The system should manage the streaming of data to ensure its fully utilizing the computing resources of the platform.

Security & Compliance

Our architects consider up-front the security aspects of the entire workflow, from development through the deployment of the operational system. A streaming platform will need to integrate with existing security layers within the organization to support such things as single sign-on (SSO) and to control access to data and systems based on a user’s role. The platform must also support the protection of data, including encryption of data at rest and data in motion.

Analytics & Visualization

The democratization of the streaming platforms is allowing businesses to make the most out of the data streaming with real-time data analysis. BDS helps companies to implement various open-source analytics tools such as Apache Spark, Apache Storm in their processes to produce intelligent business visualization report.

Enterprise Support

BDS 24X7 global support engineers take care of all the maintenance and support functions at the utmost level to keep your systems up and running all the time. Being a partner of Confluent, we extend our support on Kafka with all enterprise commercial Kafka features and implementation.

Supporting Technologies
Apache Spark
Apache Flink

Managed Services

Realtime Analytics

Data Consulting

Data Security

Hybrid Cloud

Fraud Detection

We can help you process, store, analyze, and stream data upon as it's generated in real-time.

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With a team that possesses over two decades of experience in data management, we can provide solutions to all customers in all sizes for challenges in building data streaming applications.

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Connect, organize and get things done to keep your IT business safe.


Connect, organize and get things done to keep your IT business safe.