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Service Reliability Engineering Consulting

Service (Site) Reliability engineering (SRE) is a new norm in the IT operations to bridge a gap between the traditional IT siloed processes and faster software development cycles. Though the DevOps practice pushed the boundaries of IT support functions into a developer hand with CI and CD tools, the SRE is must to have role who is responsible for the system reliability and the performance.

Our journey in SRE consulting

Banyan Data Services is uniquely positioned in IT managed services landscape with Data Services focused. We have successfully extended the SRE discipline into most complex IT functions of database management by transforming the traditional DBA teams into data services reliability engineering. This allows us to deliver the integrated IT operations approach with DevOps, SRE and Data SRE teams.

World class SRE Services

At Banyan Data Services, we believe that DevOps and SRE are two sides of a coin. The function of DevOps is to configure and deploy, while, on the other hand, SREs are responsible for monitoring, operations, reliability, availability, and security of your applications on both on-premise and cloud platforms. Our SRE Services include;

Change Management

SLA Maintenance

Automation Tools

Capacity Planning

Global support model

Security & Compliance

Work with us to architect, build, and manage your application infrastructure round-the-clock with a global support model.

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Customized SRE Services that your Business Demands!

From DevOps and Data Services to Security, we’re bringing IT together for the world-class SRE services.

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Connect, organize and get things done to keep your IT business safe.


Connect, organize and get things done to keep your IT business safe.