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Relational databases are known for data consistency, reliability and high data security for more than four decades. With the evolution of the digital world, the database landscape is changing dramatically with a requirement of always ON availability across multiple geographic locations. There are numerous database technologies have come up recently to address different used cases mainly in the NoSQL data. Inspite of this trend, footprint of therelational database technologies continued to grow for all the critical data such as person info, financial transactions where the data consistency and durability is the utmost important.

Our expertise in Relational Database

Banyan Data Services team with more than two decades of experience in managing the relational database infrastructure for some of the most criticalhyper-growth applications in the world. We are equipped with the right team and tools to design & architect and build highly available and scalable relational database infrastructure. We do provide both the open source and vendor supported RDBMS serviceson the on-premise andvarious Cloud platforms.Our strategic initiatives include the total cost of ownership (TCO) to company with the various technology options and support models.

Key Differential Relational Database Managed Services

Database Design & Architecture

The success story of any data technology is largely depending upon how it is architected and accessed. Our Database architectureservices cover a wide range of services made by combination of Hardware, Data technology, Cloud platform and DevOps practice. We make sure that there would not have any single point failure in the design, which provides high availability SLAs with faster data recovery capabilitiesin the data infrastructure.

Oracle Database Expertise

We possess the two decades of experience in managing one of the largest and complex Oracle database fleet in the world. This make us to be a one stop shop for all Oracle database needs starting from Data modelling, architecture, managed services, security compliance, performance tuning to Disaster Recovery solutions. We are specialized in the implementation of all Oracle advance features such as RAC, Data Guard, Golden Gate and Sharding.

Being a cloud partner of Oracle Cloud, help the businesses migrate on-premise workload including Oracle databases to OCI cloud. We offer fully managed database services for both Oracle Autonomous database and Oracle databases on VM, bare metal and Exadata platforms.

Capacity Planning & Forecast

Scaling out your database footprint to meet demands of businesses globally, our SME’s are there to help you to build intelligent capacity planning for all the multi-data technologies on the hybrid cloud environment. This allow us to predict the accurate forecast for future capacity requirements.

Database Security & Compliance

In today’s world, we believe that data security practice needs to be at the core for any business function for enabling the business continuity. Our data security engineers are equipped with the database security baselines and tools to audit and enforce the data security measures to compliance your data infra with various regulations like SOX, GDPR and CCPS.

Cloud Migration &Support

BDS has partnered with all the popular public Cloud providers such as AWS, Azure, OCI and GCP. We offer expertise in more than one Cloud platform with more flexibility and choice of Cloud resources for a given used cases. Our cloud migration services include the Lift & Shift and re-platform and move one cloud platform to another.

Automation Tools

Our automation tools simplify the database management activities across multi data technologies in the IT-ecosphere that consists on the hybrid cloud and on-premise environment. All the phases of the database life cycle are automated starting from build, database changes, monitoring and database failover. Our ML based automation toolsimprove theoperational efficiency and reduce human errors and eventually reduce the cost to company.

Upgrade & Patching

Keeping the Data technology Stack up-to-date with the latest patches and upgrading to a newer release by manual is a time-consuming process. Our Data SRE team provides automated patch management processes with a minimum business Downtime and highly efficient. Along with that, the rigorous test and validation plans for all the data technologies in a proven best practice.

7/24 Global Support

We offer the most comprehensive and affordable managed data services for the relational databases. Unlike the traditional DBA services that largely depends upon the multi-level escalation support model consists of L1, L2 and L3 DBAs, we have totally redesigned the support model with DevOps focused into Data Service Reliability Engineering team (DSRE) to provide the next-generation IT support for the enterprise data.

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With a team that possesses over two decades of experience in hyper-growth systems, we can help customers in all sizes to design, architect, build, and implement relational databases.

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Connect, organize and get things done to keep your IT business safe.


Connect, organize and get things done to keep your IT business safe.