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TimesTen Migration from on-premises to OCI

Oracle TimesTen is an in-memory relational database that delivers extreme application performance of low latency and high throughput. TimesTen is being deployed in three configurations namely

  • TimesTen Classic
  • TimesTen Cache
  • TimesTen Scaleout.

Through this blog, we illustrate how to migrate the single node stand-alone TimesTen Database from On-Premise to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).


Few pre-requisites are required before initiating the migration process to Oracle Cloud. Before performing the migration process of the database, we need to consider below details:

Migration Process

Subsequently, the migration process starts and In OCI we need to perform a few tasks which are being mentioned below:

Using active standby pair replication for creating standby database

  1. Announcing downtime for cut-over operation.
  2. Change the roles of primary and standby database by failover operation.
Post-Migration Checks

After the migration is being completed, we have to consider a few more steps to ensure the data is being migrated without any unprecedented errors.

  • Verifying whether full data got replicated or not and making sure there is no data loss.
  • Testing application connectivity.
  • Routing all connections to OCI.

Migration from On-premise infrastructure to Oracle has its own advantages. Key benefits to mention are are;

Better Storage:

Oracle Cloud provides better storage and you can expand or shrink storage based upon your requirement.


Oracle Cloud provides horizontal scaling and vertical scaling features so that you can increase or decrease resources based upon your requirement.

Provides great security, high availability features.

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Connect, organize and get things done to keep your IT business safe.